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The Lexair Full Bore® Chuck line features a fully self contained collet chuck that does not require an external actuator. Therefore, the use of a drawtube is eliminated allowing the full spindle inner diameter of your CNC machine tool to be utilized with larger bar stock than can be used with typical hydraulic 3 jaw chucks.

Air pressure is used to open the chuck and release the collet. Our chuck features strong, dependable die springs (mounted in the axial, not the radial plane) to provide the mechanical grip force. Clamping force is adjustable by simply tightening or loosening the collet via spanner wrench holes in the front. When machining softer materials, the clamp force can be further reduced by easily removing pairs of springs from inside the chuck. Full Bore® chucks allow higher spindle speeds as they do not have heavy jaws that can loose their grip due to centrifugal force at higher speeds.

The product line features concentricity adjustment capability for increased setup accuracy as well as visual force indicators to monitor force adjustments. The chuck body is shorter then an equal diameter 3 jaw chuck which improves tool clearance. The use of spring force to clamp the workpiece means the chuck has a true "fixed-length" grip with no drawback giving the machine operator more precise locating ability. This feature combined with the aforementioned adjustable concentricity feature allows hex, round, or square bar feeding plus fast collet or pad changes. This leads to decreases in loss of manufacturing time, increases in production time and lowers overall process/part costs. With an operation time of less then one second, our Full Bore® chucks offer you the opportunity to dramatically increase machining throughput in your facility.

Lexair can supply precision machined standard collet chucks, collets, master collets and pads, emergency collets, serrated collets plus uniquely shaped collets by special order. In addition, bar stops and parts ejectors are available providing us the ability to be your one stop source for all your machining needs.

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Drill Chucks, live centers, lathe chucks and vices, gripping technology, power chucks, cylinders and mandrels, tool clamping systems and a major potential of special designs. Numerous renowned users in a wide variety of sectors have been placing their confidence in us for decades.

When it comes to efficient clamping devices, RÖHM is the company capable to offer everything the workholding customer needs. To produce products which meet the highest expectations, all requirements from the consulting, to the engineering and production, up to the service are fulfilled right from the start. RÖHM is regarded as a driving force which has a decisive influence on how productivity emerges.

SMW Autoblok is the global leader in lathe chucks workholding, clamping, and tooling solutions for CNC machine tools. SMW Autoblok is constantly developing new and innovative products, and here you will find the latest information on our new product offerings.

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