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 Lista Cabinet High Density Modular Storage Systems

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 Vertical Lift Module

LISTA CNC machine tool drawer storage cabinets and transport products provide the safety, organization and efficiency that are vital to optimum productivity on the floor. Accessories like protective tool holders, drawers, shelves, and mounting brackets further expand the versatility of the LISTA cabinet product line. For maximum flexibility, LISTA cabinets with tool trays and with tool holders go from drawers to transporters to tool stations and bench stands. A LISTA tool cabinet and transporter feature rugged construction that stands up to demanding manufacturing environments.

LISTA Cabinet Features:

  • Tool holders and tool holder frames: ideal for all types of pre-set tool handling
  • Drawer(s) and roll-out trays: with a 440 lb. weight capacity, each drawer and tray is fully equipped to meet your specific needs
  • Lockable hinged or sliding doors: protect tools in the working environment
  • Retainer top with ribbed mat or butcher block top: provides highly functional work surface

LISTA Transporter features:

  • Rigid steel frames and tubular steel handles: superior construction, rugged durability
  • Wide range of accessories: create a customized tool trolley
  • Slotted steel sheet side panels: easy adjustability of accessories
  • Two fixed and two swivel lockable casters: optimum traction and maneuverability

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MODULA Vertical Lift Modules

Always known as the most developed automatic storage on the market, Modula Lift is certainly the premiere choice of the vertical shelving system able to store up to 60.000 Kg net and reduce ground space by 90%.

The new version of the vertical shelves Modula Lift offers:

  • 4 possible combinations of picking bays: internal or external picking bays with either single-level or dual-level delivery.
  • Unit height modularity on 200 mm (7.87”) increments.
  • Tray storage adjustability provided on 25 mm (0.98”) increments.
  • High productivity with over 120 cycles/hour.
  • 4 available tray widths ranging between 1,900 mm (74.80”) and 4,100 mm (161.41”) with 2 available tray depths of 654 mm (25.75”) and 857 mm (33.74”).
  • Unit capacity of 70,000 Kg. (154,000 Lbs.) GROSS / 750 Kg. (1,650 Lbs.) NET per tray.
  • User friendly (intuitive user software and color touch screen type interface).
  • The ability to install two or more units adjacent to each other.
  • Dedicated management software to meet any client’s need