Chip & Coolant Management

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 Motorex Oils, Coolants & Lubricants


Compactor & briquetter technology for chip cutters and metal machining companies.


Compactor & briquetter technology for chip cutters and metal machining companies.

Hennig chip conveyors & chip handling systems.


Especially popular and effective for medical machining, SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X is a high-performance cutting oil, which can be used to manufacture high-alloyed steels, nonferrous metals and aluminum to an optimum finish. This is a new innovation in modern manufacturing technology. It does away with the need for various costly operations such as separate production lines for assorted processing, pre-washing non-ferrous workpieces and blending different types of machining oils in the manufacturing process. These cutting oils are particularly suitable for max machining.


  • Max technology
  • All-purpose oil for all types of materials
  • Significantly extended tool life
  • Optimum workpiece surface finishes
  • Cutting data can be optimized
  • Very easy on the skin
  • Low volatility
  • Extremely cost-effective

ARS Chip Briquetting Machines Raise Profitability of Your Scrap Metal Recycling

Improve your bottom line and reduce waste by compacting aluminum scrap metal in a hydraulic chip briquetting machine from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS). Chip shredders and metal machining companies benefit from chip briquetting technology as a briquetting press can transform industrial turnings, filings, chips, clippings and even metallic dust from copper, brass, aluminum and other metals into compressed briquettes – worth more than non-compacted scrap metal.

Advantages of Chip Briquetting Machinery from ARS

In addition to saving money and lowering the amount of waste you produce:

  • Chip Briquette machines minimize hazardous liability exposure and recover more cutting fluids. A briquetting press squeezes out harmful coolants from metal shavings, creating briquettes that typically hold less than two percent moisture. Coolant cleaning processes can provide additional functionality from these extracted coolants.
  • Chip Briquette machines lower transportation and material-handling costs. With a volume-reduction rate of up to 8:1 (rate dependent upon metal type), a briquette machine allows you to recycle greater amounts of scrap per load with easy-to-ship briquettes.
  • Chip Briquette machines increase available floor space. Convert scrap-storage space into revenue-producing manufacturing areas. An aluminum briquetting press achieves every manufacturer’s goal!

Hennig Chip Conveyors are equipped with a slip clutch safety mechanism, which protects the conveyor from damage in the event that an over accumulation of particles or a foreign object blocks the proper movement of the conveyor belt.

Heavy duty direct drive motors power Hennig chip conveyors.

All motors used on Hennig conveyors are equipped with overload protection.

Hinge plates and side plates on Hennig chip conveyors are made from heavy-duty steel. These are the heaviest, most durable steels being used in the industry.

To facilitate access to the internal areas of the chip conveyors, Hennig incorporates a removable cover plate in its conveyor design. Removal of the plate is easy, and maintenance to the cover's interior can be conducted with minimal effort. 

  • Hennig’s adjustable take-up mechanism is externally mounted for easy access and quick adjustment of belt tension.
  • Extra heavy-duty internal chain guides withstand the rigors of constant use and ensure nearly maintenance-free operation. This feature enables Hennig chip conveyors to work longer and harder, greatly reducing maintenance downtime.
  • Heavy-duty casters can be affixed to some Hennig chip conveyors, a helpful feature in environments where conveyors need to be moved or slid into a machine base.
  • Depending on the customer's particular needs, virtually any type of electrical control box can be wired to control the conveyor's operation.